I’m Veronika, Director of Business Development!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Reach-Higher Blog where you can count on finding the latest news about our organization and programs! My name is Veronika and I am the Business Development Director for Reach-Higher. This means that my focus is primarily on improving and growing our organization with the goal of being more effective and reaching more people. As all the other directors I am also going to be closely involved in the tutoring process.

Our team is passionate about using our knowledge to help students and community members, who have limited access to educational resources. Personally I believe that education is the most powerful tool available to us. It opens our minds and builds our capabilities to be valuable members of society. I am passionate about this project because I know how much the mentors in my life helped me along my educational and business career and I want to give back.

I am looking forward to working with some of you! Check out my bio (http://www.reach-higher.org/about/meetus.html) for more information on my background! Please also feel free to email me at Veronika.Kamenova@reach-higher.org.