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I’m Sam, the Director of Programs

I’m originally a Midwesterner, and have been in Boston for the last two years due to my work as a consultant with Liberty Mutual Insurance, where I work with many of the other co-founders of Reach-Higher. I’ve been involved in tutoring programs since high school, when I volunteered on a weekly basis helping a middle school student practice and develop conversational Spanish skills. I continued on to participate in a one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program throughout college. But the primary reason I became involved with Reach-Higher is my girlfriend, a severely overworked 6th grade English teacher in Rhode Island, whose daily struggles to help close the Achievement Gap inspired me to devote my free time to doing the same. I am currently working to help develop the curriculum for Reach-Higher’s SAT tutoring class, but look forward to helping out as a tutor, or wherever I am needed as this organization grows!